To Post or Not to Post: How Often and When to Post on Craigslist


While it’s easy to want to post all of your listings to Craigslist at once, and even more tempting to continuously renew them to keep them at the top of results, it’s really, really not a good idea. Over-posting can cause a ton of headaches (like ghosting and flagging), which, trust us, you don’t want to deal with. It’s best to build your inventory gradually, and it’s never a good idea to post all of your ads in one day. We thought we’d share some general guidelines and tips to follow on how often and when to post on Craigslist:

Although Craigslist has never specified a limit on the number of posts allowed in one day, a general rule of thumb is to not post more than 15-20 ads per day. Also, keep in mind when people tend to spend the most time searching for real estate and rentals – the weekend. This is the most important time to post -and post wisely – in order to maximize your Craigslist traffic.

  1. Post no more than 1 ad every 5 minutes – If you post more than 1 ad in a 5 minute span, craigslist may alert you that you are posting too quickly.
  2. Split up posting through-out the day – Try posting ads in the morning, afternoon, and evening to maximize exposure.
  3. Post your inventory over multiple days – Even if you have a small amount of ads to post, it is still a best practice not to post all of them in the same day.
  4. Renew every 48 hours – Craigslist allows you to refresh your ads every 48 hours. Don’t try to jump the gun and post another ad for the same listing. Chances are Craigslist won’t let you do this anyway.
  5. Post ads on Saturdays & Sundays – Craigslist’s traffic peaks on weekends, when people have more time to search for homes and apartments.

Keeping to these simple guidelines will help keep your Craigslist account in good standing and will help you maximize traffic to your ads.

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